“Beyond the touchline, there is nothing.” With respect to Jacques Derrida, we disagree.

Beyond the Touchline is a football podcast that’s not actually about football. Every episode, David Hartrick, Seb Patrick and Denis Hurley will look at a different aspect of football culture – the movies, TV, books, comics, games, toys and other paraphernalia and ephemera that tell the stories of the game we love.

Renford: Rejected

15.06.20 1:20:54 7

On the eve of real football returning, we sneak in our look back at some fictional football we spent some of the intervening period watching: the classic Nickelodeon sitcom Renford Rejects. Just one small snag: it turns out it wasn’t actually very good. Join us as we thoroughly slaughter one of the sacred cows of the generation slightly after our own – but can we get Dave to find one good thing he liked about it?