“Beyond the touchline, there is nothing.” With respect to Jacques Derrida, we disagree.

Beyond the Touchline is a football podcast that’s not actually about football. Every episode, David Hartrick, Seb Patrick and Denis Hurley will look at a different aspect of football culture – the movies, TV, books, comics, games, toys and other paraphernalia and ephemera that tell the stories of the game we love.

The Damned United: From Book to Film

12.02.19 1:26:47 1

Welcome to Beyond the Touchline, a new podcast about football culture! In this debut episode, football writers David Hartrick, Seb Patrick and Denis Hurley look at David Peace’s 2006 novel The Damned Utd, along with Tom Hooper’s 2009 movie adaptation The Damned United. How do book and film stack up against each other, as well as in the wider annals of football-based storytelling. Are they fair to Clough, Leeds, both, or neither?